Jim McKenna Cup

2018 winner -- Linda Sundbye

The Jim McKenna Cup is a traveling award which each year goes to the Unit 359 member who wins the most aggregate Masterpoints in our two unrestricted annual tournaments -- the Boulder Bonanza Spring Sectional and the Kay McKenna Boulder Fall Sectional.

The Cup was established decades ago as the McKenna Cup and was made a memorial award in memory of Jim McKenna following his death. Prior to 1994, the Cup winner could be from any Unit. At that time the rules changed so that the winner must be a Unit 359 member. Both McKennas were giants in Unit 359 bridge, being among our earliest Life Masters. Kay was in fact our Unit's very first Life Master. The "Kay McKenna Boulder Fall Sectional" tournament is named in Kay's honor -- she was a great supporter and benefactor of duplicate bridge in our area.

Unit 359 veteran Linda Sundbye collected 40+ MPs in our two tourneys to take the title. Perennial Top-10 contender Kathy Ragland claimed the runner-up spot with 31+ MPs. Linda turned in a steady performance over both tournaments, finishing in the overall list in five of the six events she entered. She was off to a good start with a win in the Friday Bracketed Swiss. Linda's overall finishes are shown below. Congratulations, Linda!

Tournament    Event    Finish
Bonanza-May Bracketed Swiss Teams(1)
Stratified Open Pairs
McKenna-OctoberBracketed Swiss Teams(1)
Stratified Open Pairs
Sunday StratFl Swiss

Here are the top 10 finishers in the 2018 race, with their Masterpoint aggregates over the two tournaments:

      40.45  Linda Sundbye
      31.20 Kathy Ragland
      29.67 Gary Steiner
      28.43 Rick Clelland
      26.34 Michael Perlman
      26.00 Jim Hoerlein
      23.26 Jean Hupka
      22.45 Ying Zhang
      20.31 Maud Greer
      20.15 Bill Brackett